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Found 10th Jan 2018
Hi all,

I want to know how necessary are architecture drawings for single storey extension?
Previous owners of our property have given us all the drawings of extension work they have planned. Our plan is just very minor internal only changes.
Shall we go to same architect?
How much is the reasonable cost for it?
and finally, are architectural design necessary for any extension work?

Thanks a lot
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That depends on your council
I don't use an architect. All I need is a person to produce drawings for Planning & Building regs. You may not need planning if the extension meets your local council rules. You dont have to have Building Regs. You can use a Building Notice but you may find unpleasant surprises. It is probably worth doing plans if you can find someone to do it. Your builder will probably know someone. Architects cost £000s. Draughtsmen cost £00s. Architects have expensive opinions.
I have confirmation from Hillingdon council that we don’t require planning permission for our work.

Will architect cost £000s even for minor changes in existing plan?
As far as i understand, architect drawings are needed to get planning permission where this required, so that doesnt apply to you.

next is the actual design, which again doesnt apply to you.

then the builders may need it as they will build to it. If only minor changes, you could ask your builder if they need the drawings revised.

small revision shouldnt cost much, especially if you use the same architect. You could always ask them for a quote
You can always ask. A lot depends on the architect. You pay a lot for the 'design' with an Architect (and to be fair, a good design is worth serious money)

Making up new plans takes time and that's where a draughtsman's costs will be so it depends on whether (s)he can work of the ones you already have.

It is probably worth getting the Building Regs version of the plans done. And I would use a draughtsman/planner.

If you have seen any work done in your area that you like, have a look at the planning portal for that address and see who drew them. name and contact details will be on the Elevation/Block plans.
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