Archos 605 - 30 GB advice needed

    Looking for some advice on anyone that has used one of these.
    Thinking of getting one in the next day or 2 but have read mixed reports ranging from "couldn't live without it" to "sent it back straight away".
    Reading that you need to pay extra for downloads to convert movies and use the wifi browser.
    I'm a gadget freak and that part of me is wanting one.

    Many thanks.


    Mine went back rather quickly. Reasons being that, for all the neat features described in the advertising, for your money, you only really get a basic MP3/video player. For TV-output you've got to buy an extra, external device, for a charger (charging by its propietory USB cable takes hours) you've got to spend some £30 extra, for internet access you've got to pay €30 for a browser, and to play anything resembling a decent array of file formats, you've got to cough up for two more codec packs. It's got a really nice screen, but that's about the only thing going for it.

    I replaced mine with an n95. It's not the most obvious replacement, I'll grant you, but it plays a wider range of video and audio formats, is an open development platform which means that there are squillions of super-clever apps available for it, features wi-fi and internet browser included in the price, also does internet wherever you are in the country and can be used as a modem for your desktop or laptop PCs, and it's got GPS built-in, which makes GoogleMaps all the more awesome to use. Best of all, it even comes with a charger.

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    thanks for the advice. I was looking at the one on QVC (30 day change of mind). You get the docking station and web browser apparently and a few games.
    Let me know what you think.

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