Archos 605

    Im looking for the archos 605, have seen it on amazon for 197 inc del and was wondering if any1 knows where i can get it cheaper.

    Im after at least 30 GB and hoping to spend £200 or under.

    Does any1 have 1?, how good is it and does it play movie files (avi) without any converting!

    CNET say its amazing, hope theyre right.

    Oh and does it fit in your pocket :thumbsup:


    i've got the archos 605 160gig version
    got it from qvc for £300 including a battery pack and dvr station :thumbsup:
    got it as an upgrade from my av500, but i love them both :oops:
    in answer to your questions:
    havn't seen the 30gig version for less than £200
    yes, it will play avi's. you can just drag and drop them onto the archos
    and yes, it will fit in your pocket (a fairly big pocket mind) :thumbsup:
    i can't recommend this product highly enough
    you will not regret buying one;-)

    Ive seen the archos 605 30GB for just over £160
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