Archos 605 - Films, format etc?

What format do the films need to be in? need loads for my psp or ipod films work on it?? thanks for any help


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noone got one?> lol

I used to have one. Took it back because it was rubbish. Overweight, too chunky, didn't do anything that the advertsing said it could do. N95s have made the 605 redundant now. They do eveyrthing the Archos does and more, and all without requring expensive extras, or extra pocket space. Archos, avoid.

The 605 will play most formats, but you will need additional plugins which can be purchased from the Archos online store to play MPEG2 and movies with AC3 sound (cinema plugin) and to play ipod and psp (video podcast plugin). To covert anything which won't already play you can use pocket divx encoder, a great free program, here's the link I use version 0.3.96, seems to work well.
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