Archos 704wifi 80gb HELP

    I am looking to invest in one of these babies!! Any info from someone who has one would be appreciated and of course where the best deal is now.




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    What is it you want to know about this? i bought an 80gb version a few months ago from QVC and it is superb.

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    I am wanting to find out how good it is,esp how easy is it to transfer tv programmes onto it. Can you transfer recorded programmes say from your Sky+ or is it just live programmes that will transfer.

    Any help would be fantastic


    I dont use it all for transferring TV progs at all ( although i have the dock) as i have a Virgin media V+ box, but the music and videos are superb,the internet connects fast to my wireless connection and is very good for a wireless device,all the music and videos i have transferred via my desktop or laptop computer with no trouble at all.
    Definitely worth buying!!!!!!!!!!!
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