Archos av480 HELP NEEDED - "path too deep" when transferring

Found 24th Jun 2008
When i transfer more than a few gig to my archos a warning comes up on windows that the "path is too deep"
And stops transferring.
I can only put about 3 albums on it for it to play.
if i put on more it wont play anything.
i have formatted the hard drive using the format on the device but it still does the same thing.
i am using windows xp
please can anyone help??
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Not got an archos but "path too deep" suggests that you need to move them into a folder closer to the root ie C:\Music
thanks, but i tried this nad it still says path is too deep
Fat 32 file systems can only support filename lengths of up to 256 characters. rename your files to something short such as the track no. Also check that none of your files are larger than 4 gigabytes
just tried it with a short file name and 788mb but still says path too deep!
Are you using the same 3 albums? if so try different ones and check they are all tagged correctly. The only mp3 forum I could find that mentions a File too deep error is the rockbox forum which mentions some unsuported files(.sat) being uploaded to a player and a ]windows server site which suggest using terracopy to copy the files. I don't have an Archos so I don't know whether you just drag and drop or if you use propriety software but, it might be worth a try.:thumbsup:
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