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    Does anybody know of a place that sells Archos spares? I've got an Archos 700tv which screen has a crack in it. I contacted Archos and if I send it back they said they will repair it. But as I haven't a receipt I will have to pay. They won't give me a definite price and said it would cost 'around' £100. I think thats quite a lot for a screen and also don't want to send it away and then get a bill for say £150 when it's probably worth around that

    Any advice appreciated


    just checked ebay, but they don't have any. kinda strange, but if you have any small independent electronic retailers/repairers then maybe you can ask them

    Have you tried Partmaster ?…os&
    Phone them because they will point you in the right direction if they cant get it..

    [COLOR=red]Dont call the No on their site... costs lots ! call No. below[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=red]Tel : 01217 665414 spare parts department[/COLOR]

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    Thanks for the advice. I did check the partmaster website already I may give them a ring though

    try ]http//ww…com
    I 've found a few useful bits on there, and the people on their help forums are pretty great too...

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    Thanks I had a look but looks like I'm gonna have to send it back to Archos :-(
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