Are '3' PAYG phones unlocked from warehouse?

    I want to get this phone on PAYG:…tml

    I know Carphone Warehouse/ PAYG stock is generally unlocked on O2/Orange/TMobile/Voda, but I'm not sure about the phones bought on '3'?

    Does anyone know?



    Isnt 3 a provider therefore itll be locked to 3?

    not sure though

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    Isnt 3 a provider therefore itll be locked to 3?not sure though

    yes theyre a provider just like O2/Voda etc but phones bought from (a part of CPW) generally tends to be unlocked and unbranded stock - I know this is definitely true of all other networks, but not too sure about '3'. So just asking the question here in the hope someone has bought a PAYG 3 phone from them in the past

    I've had many 3 phones, direct from 3 and from online retailers and all were 3 branded and locked to 3.

    I've never bought or heard of anyone buying a brand new 3 phone that was unlocked at the point of purchase.

    If the handsets branded 3 then it'll be locked.

    If there's no branding it won't be (If the sell the same phone on other networks the odds are they'll be using unlocked stock and just dropping the right sim in the box).

    You're covered by the distance selling regs which say you can return anything bought over the net in 7 days if you don't like. BUT 3 won't take back any phone that's been used (even if you set the time), so you'd need to test it with another sim to see.

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    thanks guys.
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