are 3 UK contract phones unlocked?

    Searched online but not getting a definitive answer. Are 3 UK contract phones sold unlocked or locked to their network please?


    I was told by 3 that they are unlocked but not tried any other sim in it to find out

    mine was 3 years ago.. didn't try until my contract ended.

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    Hmm thanks guys online it says they do come unlocked as well but the information looks outdated.

    Yeah, there phones come unlocked as of a few years ago...

    If not 3 unlock them free anyways just a form to fill in

    I recently asked Three about this and was sent this link. It depends on the date you bought your device. It says "If you bought your device from us after 1 January 2014, your device will already be unlocked."…772,Case=obj(4363)

    I bought a 3 payg Honor 8 and use it with my EE contract. so yes, I'd say they are unlocked.

    Yes, every phone you get from three is unlocked.

    Definitive Answer in first search…F-8
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    Yes as many buying Lenovo P2 to use on other networks.

    Unlocked now

    I have been with 3 for over 10 years and all the phone's now are unlocked so pop any SIM in and away you go.

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    Thank all yes 3 phones are unlocked great.
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