Are all the under 18 debit card accounts interest so bad?

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Found 29th May 2010
I think the hsbc one offers no interest...
is it best just to put savings into a normal account? If so what do you suggest?
Or any under 18 ISA accounts?

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he buys online sometimes which is why he wants debit but the interest is poor so he does not mind giving up this privelidge for better interest rates.

Yeh, they are usually pretty crap. RBS Revolve goes to 0.55% in July. I think Santander 11-15/16-18 account is about 3.00%. At least it was a couple of months ago.

debit cards are there to be spent with, not saved.

must be a good savings account he can have also at that age, to earn interest and the debit card to spend with

i have a debit card with HSBC, RBS and Halifax. RBS has the best interest, although as mentioned is changing shortly. Halifax savings used to be good, 5% i think but cant remember
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