are Amazon fragrances always genuine?

I was looking at some fragrances fulfilled by Amazon and, when looking at the one star reviews, noticed some people were saying that they could be fake. My question is that what is the likelyhood of the fragrance I buy being fake? Is the only sure fire way of getting a genuine product to buy it from a high street store?


i wouldnt count on it to be honest

I am sure if it was fake it would be reported to Amazon who would then very quickly remove it from sale! You should be pretty safe look at the customer reviews and feedback and maybe even directly message the seller and ask them this question before you buy.

Amazon themselves are real everyone else I don't trust

Does the review actually say it was sold by amazon? The reviewer could have bought it from another seller

If you buy from Amazon.co.uk, I would say you should be fine. 3rd party sellers are just like ebay (unless it's a reputable store) and best avoided.
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