Posted 18 November 2023

Are Amazon likely to act on a thieving driver!

Today my wife and I had various amazon orders being delivered today, 8 parcels in all. One being the Meta Quest Console which required us to give the driver a 6 digit code.

When he arrived he plonked the parcels on the floor and asked for the code which i gave, he then went back to the van and drove off.

However when i put the parcels in the house, there was no sign of the one for the Quest 2 - that parcel was missing.

Been on Amazon chat for almost 2 hours, resulting in telling us to wait 3 days, and to call back Tuesday.

I offered Ring doorbell footage, and have taken photos of the parcels and labels we received, but i get the feel they are going to say we gave the code, so we must have had the item, when that simply is not true.

I had a quick google, and see people have got their money back through charge back in these situations, but just wondered if anyone else has been in a similar situation on giving a code but not receiving the item, and got a replacement or refund without any issue?

I know i may be jumping the gun calling the delivery driver a thief, but i´m sure they have to scan the parcel, in order to know they must ask for a code. If correct he must have scanned it in the van, as he never carried it with the other parcels to the door. All doors were closed, when we went back to the van he immediately drove off.

Amazon said they have no way of contacting the driver, which is ridiculous as not only would it resolve situations like this, in asking them to drive back and deliver it. But also would be a deteriant for drivers to nick stuff........ I guess we were easy targets with 8 parcels it´s not something that is immediately obvious when a parcel isn´t there.

Thanks for any advice, etc that can be given
Btw the £50 gift card was received ok.
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  1. Azwipe's avatar…fts

    I suggest people only use Amazon as a last resort for anything of value. (edited)
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    Thank you, i´ve bookmarked that in case i need to use it as reference later.
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    Once you get your refund close the account and open a new one with a new email address. Your account is toxic now
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    Thanks, will do.
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    With that number of parcels in one delivery, it is highly likely he just missed it and will realise it later. Does your order show it was delivered?

    The drivers have no idea what is inside the box, so you are over reacting with the labelling. A lot.
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    The drivers know if an item is high value due to the security code requirement.
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    Latest email from Amazon - they want a crime reference number, for which i have contacted the police via an online form and they will get back to me within 24 hours, hopefully with the crime reference that i can then pass to Amazon - don´t know if then they will replace or refund on production of a crime reference number, or what the next steps will be.

    It's very important to us that our customers receive the products they purchase from Amazon. We appreciate your business and regret that this item haven't been delivered to you. Shipments that aren't received are inconvenient for you and costly for Amazon.

    Based on our investigation and your statements, it seems that the item has been stolen by a third party and we urge you to contact your local police department to report the theft of the parcel. To assist in obtaining a Crime reference , we recommend that you provide a copy of the email that we will send to you to the police to help explain what has happened. We'll happily cooperate with the police as part of any investigation.

    If the issue isn't resolved after contacting local law enforcement and the carrier, please contact us back during the business hours of the related police department with a link to access your Crime reference , or a PDF/Image file of the Crime reference. There are multiple ways to file a Crime reference. Check with your local authorities for ways to file a report. Note that we will not be able to offer support on this delivery after Saturday, November 18, 2023 + 60 days. Please ensure to get a Crime reference and contact back before this time

    In order for us to validate your Crime reference , it must be reported in the local jurisdiction (city, county, municipal) in which the package was reported delivered, and include the following:

    - The delivery address regarding this incident.

    - The items were delivered according to the carrier tracking.

    - The report was created for stolen items/theft/larceny/incorrect delivery or similar crime.

    - The date the report was created.

    - The name of the police department.

    Only one Crime reference is needed for all orders that are part of the same shipment. A separate Crime reference is needed for orders delivered in different shipments.

    Thank you for your understanding.
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    Passing of risk has not occurred so if the sender wishes to make representations about its stolen/missing/vapourised goods to plod it is free to do so.
    Kinda weird to report loss of someone else's property to plod.
    Reporting loss of something (that has not come into your possession) implies you have accepted the missing goods are your responsibility.
  5. abigsmurf's avatar
    I believe the photo proof has to include a semi anonymous pic of the recipient (usually your feet and trousers) so will mean his photo is of the pile of packages you picked up with one missing. That'll be proof that you're missing a fairly big, bulky box that would definitely be packaged on its own.
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    Looking at the footage he never took a photo, only took his phone out of his pocket when i answered the door to input the code. Phone then went straight in his pocket and off he went.
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    Ive been through all this, they dont give a damn if you have footage and wont accept it, i was told it was scanned outside your house simple as that, ended up doing a charge back
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    Thank you, and sorry for your experience. Thankfully there is chargeback.
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    Is there any other option than chargeback / section 75 to get my money back if they refuse, i guess not?

    Observation: S75 qualification will require direct credit payment to specifically Amazon EU S.à r.l., UK Branch which will need to be stated on invoice, but:

    if you are confident that you have credible (indisputable?) evidence that the specific subject parcel was not included in the parcel bundle on your doorstep and has not come into your "physical possession" then "passing of risk" has not occurred - enforceable via consumer legislation.

    29 Passing of risk...
    (2) The goods remain at the trader's risk until they come into the physical possession of —
    (a) the consumer...
    Consumer Rights Act 2015 Section 29…/29

    Highly unlikely Amazon (and credit provider) would choose to contest genuine non-PoR,
    but Amazon's legal processing is so inept (casual / overloaded?) it may not be until well-beyond Letter-Before-Action and court docs land that Amazon positively responds.
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    Here we go again Andy.

    Firstly it has been less than 24 hours since the issue came about & secondly I am yet to see a thread started by someone with a grievance that actually comes back on HUKDs & hasn't been put right.
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    Let's hope it was an honest mistake - please do let us know how you get on - hate seeing threads like this and no idea of the outcome
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    Thank you, and I'll keep the thread updated for sure
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    They still have not got it right regarding safe delivery of high value goods. I like the pin you get from Amazon and must be passed to the driver (and their system) as this ensures that the delivery does not go to the wrong address (an issue I have too often), but it's far from ideal, given this thread and my own experience today. My quest was delivered today. They put it in a box with 4 other items and the driver would not let me open the box before I gave him the code, therefore I could not be certain that the item I was giving the code for was in the box (luckily it was and the driver was kind enough to wait, whilst I opened the box to check all items were there).

    Next time I would ensure that no other delveries are due at the same time so the situation is more clear (even though the box would need to be opened again to check what's in there is correct) when a box arrives. Amazon would be better off ensuring that the 'pin/high value item' is boxed on it's own to remove any potential problems.

    It could easily have been missing from the box (with all the other items present) but with me giving the code, I am stating that the item was delivered. They are trying - but it needs ironed out to be more bullet proof for both their and the customers reassurance.
  10. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    Probably still in his van but let us jump to conclusions within an hour or two.
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    I suffer from mental health issues and have a tendency to panic, especially when something that costs so much and cannot afford to lose. I really hope the parcel does arrive and i will be first for over reacting.

    Just seeing the opportunity he had, being there was so many parcels, to purposely leave this one in the van in the hope i don´t notice, which i didn´t.
    As i say, hope i´m wrong, but i don´t want to lose my money by amazon taking a stance i gave the code so must have the item.
  11. saintscouple's avatar
    Email reply from Amazon - finally stating they are processing the refund in full.

    This was received just as the police called requesting me to send them all evidence and communication with Amazon on this.

    Thanks for all the help from those who commented.... maybe me sending the Guardian article made them give in, or stating i won´t lie to the police... who knows, but glad it is now sorted
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    It's only sorted when the refund hits your account (no suggestion it won't),
    and when plod hints at believing you've not had it away on your toes with a free MQ.
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    I've got a dog walking acquaintance who was a police officer. Chatting to her a few weeks ago I discovered she has changed job and now has a job with Amazon - revenue protection officer.

    Apparently they have a MASSIVE problem with theft from the warehouses (not just the drivers swiping parcels) - it's fairly easy and profitable to get a job in an amazon warehouse, steal a few iPhones etc and then quit!
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    Would be the same for any retail buisness i guess.
    There was a documentry of Amazon, I think it was called the Amazon Heist.... had an insight to the airport style security scanners they have in the warehouses.
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    I reckon that one day, delivery companies will put trackers in high value parcels, you send the tracker back for reuse once you've received the goods. Amazon are likely to be the first.
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    Anything has to be better than relying on the trust of a driver, despite evidence to the contary.
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    If this your only issue with Amazon they will likely take your word and refund/replace the order.
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    I´ve had issues before, this was ordered on my wife´s account who has had no issues, as rarely used.
    She used her credit card, so may just have to put in a chargeback request.
  15. saintscouple's avatar
    After receiving the standard email from the chat yesterday, I forwarded it to the exec office and as it was an email i was able to attach the video footage, and photos as evidence the driver never handed the parcel over.

    This morning I received an email reply from the exec office, but again with the standard response of the driver scanned the parcel, GPS confirms it was scanned at my location, and the weight is correct.

    They have ignored the fact that i don´t dispute that - he scanned the parcel in his van, just never took it out of his van to hand to us.

    The email states to wait 3 days and contact them again if it does not show.

    I emailed a reply this morning ask for a non-standard response, and one that answers the evidence i have presented in being handed the package.

    It increasingly looks like they won´t investigate this with their driver and he gets away with it. I just have to prepare to make a claim, chargeback or section 75 - never had to do this before, not sure if they are the same, or if not which is the best avenue to pursue.
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    You need to chill out.

    Your video & photos prove nothing. It will be resolved, in the end.
  16. saintscouple's avatar
    Update - my online crime report with the police had this morning updated with the assigned investigating officer, and their details, along with the crime reference number. Thus i sent Amazon a pdf of this as was requested.

    The reply i got from amazon was -

    We can inform, thank you for sending the requested police report.

    However, we see the below 2 points are missing from the report.

    - The delivery address regarding this incident.

    - The items were delivered according to the carrier tracking.

    Kindly re-send the Police Report with all the requested information.

    We will help you in resolving your concerns.

    Thank you for your patience and co-operation.

    Ridiculous for wanting the report to state the item was delivered according to the carrier tracking as it was not! And i´m not going to lie to the police.

    I have replied with a link to the Guardian article saying i think they are treating me unfairly, i will not lie to the police, and to verify the item was never handed to me by the driver.
    They have the investigating officer details, so I suggested they contact them directly if they require anymore information.
    I have done as they ask in reporting it as a theft, and obtaining a crime reference number, so they should now process my refund / replacement.

    If i didn´t have to go through all this before filing a section 75 claim, i would do it right now
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