Are AO.com reliable? Especially in regards to cashback?

Found 9th Aug 2014
Have never bought through them before. Has anyone here - particularly with cashback. They said they will send a form after delivery? How reliable is it?
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they are not reliable when it comes to faulty goods. I would avoid at all costs!!!
Cant recommend them highly enough. Ordered 3 items with them and 3 weeks after delivery got £40 cashback direct from AO and then a week of so after that the cash back from quidco. Service was excellent, the delivery guys came when they said they would and were really helpful.

Can't comment about their returns that Lucifer mentioned. Thankfully our items are all working ok.
Also cannot recommend them highly enough, had to return an item and they were great, delivery service is the best ever from anywhere I have ever had and cash back was more than prompt. Excellent company! And no I do not work for them just love good service.
The best online retailer in my opinion when it comes to white goods, delivery is fast, and they keep you informed of everything, as long as you fill out forms, you get what they promise, I even phoned back after a few days about a model dropping in price and they refunded the difference, they are very helpful.
My friend used them a few months back and their customer service/aftercare was amazing!
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