Are Argos Direct any good?

I've ordered over £2000 worth of furniture from Argos Direct with delivery times stated of between 28 and 35 days. Since ordering I've read a lot of comments from customers who were appalled at the delays and service they received. Obviously, when you leave comments on a review website, you are far more likely to post if you have an axe to grind. I'd be interested to hear from other members with their own experiences, particularly when ordering large items of furniture. I don't want to cancel, but if the general feeling is that Argos Direct are naff and unreliable, I may have to.
Many thanks!


I ordered a sofa from them before, well they delivered before the time stated - so overall was pleased!

Well,worst service i have had in my life!:x
Ordered sofas and bed,delivered 1 week later than promised,just dropped in my yard near front door,pushed the papers to sign.I refused,asked to take furniture to my house,then they refused to do this. So i have not signed delivery,they took it back,waited nearly a month to refund.

I've ordered a couple things from them over the last few months and have no complaints, they rung me 1/2 an hour before delivery and turned up on the day pre-arranged.

very good i would say, ordered a few times before and always got it on time or before and they always rang first:thumbsup:

I ordered a sofa bed from them and cannot fault them, so highly recommend

I ordered stuff on their website on 7th May and am still awaiting a delivery date as they only deliver all at once. Its a pain having to wait and I was unable to order an item that was out of stock. Ive been told it will arrive by 6 June.

At same time i ordered a bed and mattress from additions direct and they have been appalling. Trying to deliver separately and when I asked to arrange a different delivery date they cancelled and refunded my order without telling me. It was 2 weeks before I found this out so Im still without bed. Never again.
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