Are Asda stil taking £15 trade in for fifa 10?

    Late last year when fifa 11 came out asda were taking fifa 10 trade-in price at £15, does anyone know if this is stil the case?



    Hell no

    They were selling them for £9 earlier second hand so i doubt it very much

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    I'm sure i scanned a deal on here earlier today, and somebody said they traded in there fifa 10 for £15, ummm im puzzled


    Well don't be, I can assure you it's not £15. More like £4-5

    why would they do that, more than likely fifa 11 for £15, i doubt many places would give you more than that for 11 now let alone fifa 10

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    The guy who posted it, put fifa 10, but obviously must of meant fifa 11. Oh well saved me the embarresment :P

    Couple of quid I would say
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