Are audible originals available after membership expires?

Posted 1st Jun 2020
I know audiobooks you've purchased can be listened to after you stop membership, but not sure about the free Audible Originals that you've added to your library. Any idea anyone?
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Funnily enough I cancelled my Audible sub last week.

I just tried downloading and playing an Audible original title I had in my cloud library.
It downloaded fine and it played
Whatever books are in your library, whether bought or free, are still available after your membership has expired. You can also take advantage free offers that require a Promo Code, I've bought many of the Scare Street/Ron Ripley books this way, and saved myself a fortune.
Thanks both, going to download a lot of these then before my sub expires!
I am not a member but I had a copy of the podcast of David Mitchell's, The Unbelievable Truth (Series 1), in my library (originally free).

I just tried and was able to download an episode without problem.

So it looks like the priority is to get all the free stuff you can into your library. You can then download them at your leisure after you let your full membership expire.
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