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Are BISF houses good?? is it worth buying them?

Posted 13th Nov 2013
We looked at a house to buy and the agent said it's a BISF house, did my research on it and see mixed comments.
Are they worth buying? Can you renovate them easily? How warm are they in winters?? sorry too many questions.

Any help on having information is much appreciated. I have looked at the bisfhouse.com but thought of asking here as this site is source of information.
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It can be tricky to get a mortgage not all places will offer a mortgage on these.
What does BISF stand for ?
Were they not build after WW2 for a quick solution for bomb damaged communities? Effectively built in a factory in a matter of days shipped to site and the shell put up in a few hours Finishing touches and render added later. Only meant to last for 20 years IIRC.

My mum owns one, that she now rents out. Lived in it for 10 years, never had any problems except the walls are very thin and DONT live downstairs.

What does BISF stand for ?

it means British steel framed house
My in-laws had a bisf house which they purchased from their council. Many neighbours also purchased theirs and many pebble-dashed the upper steel part of the house which definitely made them look better. Inside the house you couldn't tell that they were nonstandard construction. The only down side living there from what I remember was that the floor was made of concrete and when the central heating was installed the pipework ran around the walls. The house prices were considerably cheaper than the brick built houses in the same street and as they are not easy to mortgage most estate agents list the houses with a 'for cash purchasers only' clause. They are very hard to sell and i would not recommend one if you are also looking for an investment for the future.
the only problem with a none standard construction build is they not to popular with mortgage companies and questions arise when u try to re sell. i would get a survey done on the property always helps of any further issues arising. But on the plus side all the issues does give a good levy to get the property at a good price. The most important thing to look for is any concrete cancer or asbestos. normally if theres any concrete issues u will notice some properties on the street ould have had bricks put up where there use to be concrete walls.
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