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Are Car cigarette lighter sockets a universal size?

Posted 10th May 2010
I always thought they were, but bought a charger/adapter ages ago and it rattled around in the socket. Took it back for a full refund, but about to buy an iphone charger/transmitter off ebay and remembered the problem. As it might not be so easy (or even worth it after postage) I thought I would see if if anyone else had ever had any problems?

Car is a UK V plate Zafira BTW
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Yes - worldwide in my experience.
don't know but my dad gave me his old car lighter as my nissan micra just has the socket, and it didn't fit. Also our sat nav charger just fits by a hair, if we go over a bump it falls out.
I've never had a problem with any of them - have one for the tom tom, mp3 player & bought car chargers for the kids ds's recently, also got a Zafira btw!
the sockets are the same size, and have been for near 40 years

its the adaptors that are the problem, some fit terribly, some lock was needed in the idea, as it is, the centre spring pushes them out, and the outer just connects with 2 bits of spring metal
Thanks - rep to all

Here's a thought - we have multiquote, why not a multi rep button?
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