Are cheap LED Strip Lights Safe?

Found 25th Apr
Looking at this for £3.99, as it'll be plugged into a 3 pin power plug, are they safe?…Rqg

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I have similar and haven't had any problems, we don't keep them on permanently just a few hours at a time. Hope that helps
The power draw is really low, worst case it’ll fry the USB port
I had cheap led Christmas strip lights in the plastic tubes and the inline box of the plug turned brown and expanded. I would never leave any cheap items on again in the house unless I’m at home.
Yes and no, as long as there's no arcing or shorting you should be fine. Any low powered device can catch fire and you leave PCs on all day.
Without seeing the circuitry it's impossible to say. Obviously there's a higher chance of getting something dodgy from a random ebay seller than a more reputable shop.
Failure rate could be higher than normal, I installed some on my logcabin. 1 set returned - power supply got burning hot and lights didnt work, 1 set doesnt work after a year, the other set I have noticed rusting around one connector on the actual strip and now the colours go weird. I was going to buy some for the kitchen but I would sleep better at night with a led free house.

I have seen led strips for sale in Asda, Homebase etc, so I would maybe try those next time.

It's hard to find reputable tech these days, the chinese market seems to be the only results for some things which is a shame.
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