Are contract mobiles from dial a phone network locked or unbranded?

    Had one phone from them 2 years ago that came unlocked and unbranded which was on O2.
    Getting a new phone on the Orange network from them this week, just wondering if anyone knows if that will be unbranded too or did i just get lucky last time? Hate all the software networks add in to phones.


    although it's basic, the Nokia 1208 I received with the sim only contract offer is unlocked, but not sure if that's the case with all of their phones.

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    anyone had an Orange phone from them though and was it unlocked?

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    Just for the record...Mine came today unlocked and unbranded


    My old O2 W810 was unlocked and unbranded so I've kept it as a back up. I've had branded and locked phones from T-Mobile and Vodaphone since then. VF firmware seems to be the worse. 2 shortcut keys locked to VF Live, rubbish demo games embedded and no way to delete them. I won't be using them again.

    Out of interest, what phone did you get?

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    Samsung Pixon 12
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