Are contract phones from Dial A Phone, e2save and/or unlocked and unbranded?

Found 24th Feb 2011
As per title - looking to buy a Desire HD on contract, but would like it unlocked. Do any of these places send you an unlocked phone on contract? Thought e2save might as they are part of CPW, but cashback is higher with, and I'm just seeing if anyone knows the answer
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The cheapo phones that I have got from e2save & have all been unlocked. They don't seem to say one way or another though, so no guarantee.

I don't know about the expensive phones but this wll act as a bump anyway!
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E2save is part of carphone warehouse so yes it should be unlocked, not sure about the others.
A family member got an iPhone 4 from e2save through an o2 contract and it is locked to o2. Not sure if that helps?!
The best deal is at Dial A Phone so if anyone has any ideas on them then Id be happy to hear

Cheers for the answers so far though
Nobody can answer this question with certainty, some are, some are not, it is pot luck really.
Got my HTC desire from and is unlocked as they are also part of cpw
what network?

what network?

T Mobile
Gone for Dial A Phone in the end - they are doing 3 months free rental, and if quidco pays out the £50 for a new contract then the line rental should work out at just over £20 a month - If locked I'll have a look at the Rooting and unbranding stuff on MoDaCo
Yes e2save
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