Are Coors light cans on offer at any shops/supermarkets please??

    Yes I know a lot of people don't like Coors light, but I do, and I would like to get stocked up for a 4 days stay at a cottage next weekend. Has anyone seen any Coors cans on offer anywhere lately please? I probably want to get a couple of cases in.

    Many thanks!


    I saw Coors on offer in Morrison's earlier on a cases for £20 quid it might have been the bottles though...think it was 12 per case so 36 bottles for £20.

    18x440ml Asda £12

    Maverick77 that makes your deal look terrible oO

    It works out to £1.64 a litre on offer

    I prefer my beer out of glass bottles Treboeth


    I prefer my beer out of glass bottles Treboeth


    I prefer mine anyway it comes as long as it ends up in my belly

    I think maybe your math on cost per litre is off...

    36 x 330 = 11880

    11880/1000 = 11.88 litres total

    20/11.88 = £1.68 per litre

    or 96p per pint

    I looked here…PPU
    and then looked at the wrong product the 10x440ml cans oO

    My bad

    My cans are £1.52 a litre

    Just don't buy the Budweiser cheeky so and so's have reduced the bottle size to 300ml

    Original Poster

    Many thanks, I will go for the case of cans from Asda or Tesco, I drink fast so my beer never gets a chance to go warm.
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