Are any good?

    I want to order an ipod 30gb and wonder if they are reputable?


    they are part of BT

    Only had 1 experience with Dabs but it was for a refurb...would never buy a refurb from them again, but I can't say about other items. Also if anything does go wrong you are going to be relying on emails, as they don't do phone support!

    Dabs are good for PC bits and pieces; they did have a bad period maybe 18 months ago when CS was dire but they corrected that. I'm happy to use them if thier price is right.

    Cheers, Dio

    Yes, excellent service, theyre not very 'green' though.. i bought a gaming mousemat off them and it came in a tube rolled up [as its a flexi mat] inside a 4ft by 4ft box.

    I've gone off Dabs. Used to use them a lot in the early days and bought a hell of a lot of stuff from them - so did most of my mates. Nowadays there's plenty of competition.

    things that irk me about Dabs:
    - they don't price match anymore
    - they can can be tardy about deliveries
    - they charge delivery charges ('cept when they have special free delivery)

    May as well use Amazon.

    Dabs are V good in o, but the delivery charge is a bit a nusience.
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