Are Dysons THAT good? Best price?


    I need a new vacuum cleaner and am wondering whether Dysons are as good as people say? I've seen an All Floors for £189 at Argos with a £50 voucher back (making it 139 - sort of). A few questions;

    Are they worth it?
    Is it worth paying more for one with a ball?
    What's the best value (performance vs price) around at the moment?

    Any advice would be very gratefully received - £189 is a lot of money to me so I don't want to kick myself after I've spent it.


    my dyson dc07 is brill!!! I paid £129 for it in a sale 3 years ago.

    Our DC20 stowaway is great as well, this was bought 18mths ago for £200 in Argos to replace my original DC05 that was 8years old. Both worked great and I love the fact that you don't need any bags and you can see how much dust you are picking up!

    The only reason i replaced my DC05 was that we used it to hoover up all the builder's rubble & dust when we did up our house from top to bottom. After 12mths of doing this, it was fairly beaten up but still working fine.

    yes i'd say go for it!!

    As with so many things you'll probably find some people think they're fantastic, whilst others think they're a waste of money. I've never personally owned one, but my Mum had 3 over a 10 year period, so I guess she must have liked them, but why did 2 of them break? Admittedly she had a very big house at the time and did quite a lot of hoovering. I have heard people say that they aren't as well built as they used to be when they were built in the UK. Miele vacuums are very highly regarded, although again I have no experience of them.

    Any decent electrical retailer should be happy for you to try out any vacuums in store so you can check the manouverability and noise.

    Personally, we have a Henry, which we think is fantastic and should last a long time. However, we have mostly laminate floors and it's not so good on the few carpetted rooms that we have.

    We have used a number of different manufactures over the years, with the cleaner selected mainly on price. For the last 4 yrs used a dc14 animal Dyson which has performed well, this included a major building programe on our house which meant a lot of debris and dust.
    It has recently had a plastic clip fail so I will do the fixed price repair deal, which will mean a refurbished Dyson for just over £60. I would recommend them. PS Playing around in the shops makes me think the ball is an improvement for getting around furniture.

    We bought a refurbished one with a year's warranty off our local market for £45 and it works a treat

    I kicked myself after buying the Dyson all floors dc24

    Its a nitemare,the suction is terrible it doesnt pick up,i'm trying to sell mine,if only i'd read the reviews on Amazon first where loads of people have experienced the same problem with that model.

    I've heard lots of good reports about Seba,they are quite expensive though.
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