Are English schools off 27th-31st May 2010?

    Can anyone tell me if the English schools are off at the end of May next year? I am thinking of taking the kids to Legoland, Windsor and I'd rather go when the local kids are hard at work- to save on queue times (rather than some sort of anti English sentiment, you understand...) If the locals are off school then, I'd probably opt for the end of the scottish school term in late June...


    My school ( i am a mentor to the kids there) term dates

    Monday 31st May - Friday 4th June so yes i guess so, 29, 30 would be the weekend so you may be ok on the 27th /28th but some school may have extra days..... and schools in London and near windsor are sometimes different to Kent

    Mine are off the week after, it's quite late next year as Easter is late, so the Spring holiday starts around the 1st June.

    Term dates are different from county to county, school to school. Here in Cheshire my school closes Friday 28th May until 7th June. Most schools have the term dates on their website.

    Mine brake up on the 28th May :thumbsup: I'm in Kent.

    28th here too...when we went we took them friday to monday and went to lego 2 days saturday and monday...monday they actually got on the rides, which was a bonus! saturday the queues were around an hour for even the small rides...

    Mine breaks up on 28th also, and I'm in the Midlands...!

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    Lol! Mine finish their school year on 25th June and you guys are just back from a break! In that case, I'll see what hotel deals there are for June! thanks for your help

    my kids school are off last week of may first of july me thinks - they collate all the teacher training days and have an extra week off then.

    we went to LL windsor last year at the same time - got a deal for 2 days in park and 2 nights at sheraton hilton opp heathrow - had a great time
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