are espresso machines worth purchasing. if so what should i go for?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can give any advice on espresso machines. Are they worth getting? Thinking of getting the mother one as a gift.


    Only if you're opening a shop.

    I bought one of them Tassimos used it maybe 4 times lol

    Tassimos are about £25-35. Coffee of great / coffee shop quality. A cup will set you back £0.25 - £0.50 which is OK comparing to coffee shop but very expensive comparing to grinding yourself...

    I'm just meaning most people buy these machines, uses them a handful of times and thats it

    ah, forgot. we had nescafe machine and every cup of coffee smelled of plastic even after months of use

    I have a tassimo machine and used it for about a week and itts lived on the cupboard since . It's ok but not nice enough to justify the price difference between pods and decent roast coffe like gold blend .also dosnt come out that hot usualy

    I have had a senseo, tassimo and a regular filter machine. No longer use any of them. I don't really like instant and mainly drink black coffee, I now use Lyon's coffee bags which make IMO an excellent cup for a reasonable cost.

    110% waste of wonga, If you want to waste your money send me it via paypal gift and I'll post you a cup of the finest coffee you'll never drink ;0.

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    If you love your coffee it's a great investment. I would go for a bean to cup model as these produce some great espressos. The initial outlay can be expensive but having super fresh coffee at a press of a button first thing in the morning or anytime you fancy one warrants the outlay. The machines are self cleaning with very little maintenance and a pack of beans can cost you as little as £2. If you go to Johnlewis they have lots on demo where your able to see them working and most importantly taste the coffee. I've used mine everyday for 3 years and can't recommend them enough.

    Use a cafetiere.

    I have an espresso machine and have done for just over a yr I love it and wouldn't be without it we don't drink any instance coffee and now if we switch the machine on to leave warm couple of seconds and boil kettle and turn machine on u have an Americano as quick as the kettle boils. if you love coffee an drink lots of it I would recommend it i dont drink instant where ever I go now has to be proper coffee.

    I have a bean to cup machine and use it everyday, the important thing for me when selecting the machine was ease of use. Look for a machine that can do long drinks, adding the milk automatically to increase its usefulness (guests may not want espresso). Self cleaning is also a big must, as I have known several people to stop using machines simply because they are too much trouble to clean. If you get the right machine it will be loved and used everyday, but it's unlikely to be a cheap model.

    I use a Bialetti Venus 10 cup. It's the on the hob type. Takes practice and the right coffee, but you can get proper espresso from it.

    get a lavazza coffee machine dunna bother with any others ..bit more expensive but the coffee is way above the rest .

    Sorry but had to post on here due to the string of ill advice.

    First of all, if you like your coffee and have the time, nothing beats a real espresso machine and a burr grinder. If you don't want to go through as much hassle, but still want great, customisable coffee, then bean to cup is your best choice. If you want the least hassle and happy to pay a small premium for the convenience, then a pod machine will suit. The best (from experience) is Iperespresso (but also the most expensive), followed by Lavazza modo mio, and then nespresso. Nothing else compares to these. Certainly don't both with Tassimo. That's just my input from trying all the different types of machines over the years. I've personally settled for Lavazza pod machine and milk frother. Can make a nice cappuccino before work in a few minutes, and the results are consistent, with very little mess / clean up

    Started off on cheap machines and ended up into the bean to cup world. Began with a Delonghi Magnifica which frustrated me.

    We currently have the Melitta TSP which is amazing. We use it a lot and it's not far off "good coffee shop" qualify

    Sorry my comments were in relation to nespresso type machines, Bean to cup are a different ball game but not quite as convenient.

    Yes some nespresso type machines offer nice coffee etc.. but they're usually cold and the pods aren't exactly environmentally friendly. You might as well stick to a nice instant coffee imo.

    I drink far too much coffee lol.

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    i've been using a gaggia(original) espresso machine, and i drink only segafredo casa ground coffe, best coffe for a real espresso...

    Buy an Aeropress for £25
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