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Are expensive 3.5mm stereo jack cables better?

Posted 16th Aug 2014
Hi, I know all HDMI cables are basically the same, as in there's no difference in picture quality, but is it the same with 3.5mm stereo jack cables?

Is the 3.5mm cable from Poundland the same as a (slightly) more expensive branded, gold-plated cable with shielding? Will there be any difference in sound quality whatsoever?

I will be using it to connect a 2.1 speaker system, to a laptop or desktop PC. Thanks.
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Here's the link to the Poundland cable I was talking about in the OP:

Yes there is but for speakers your using won't make much difference. My advice go cheap and try it out.
The only difference you will notice is the strength of the cable, the solder connections will be more uniform and professionally carried out on a more expensive (higher quality) cable, its less likely to break under normal stress, and the plug itself will grip the socket better, sound quality will be pretty much the same, I won't say cheap vs expensive gives an identical sound, because it wont, but the difference will not be audible to 99% of people.
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Aircanman hit the nozzle hard and sprayed the correct answer

You paying for quality of product not quality of sound "for 99% of people"

If it was going to be for something like an mp3 player that's going to get a lot of movement/distortion of the cable then I'd probably go up market but as it's going to just connect your pc/laptop to sound system (hardly any movement then you'll be fine
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You're not going to get really any difference between the two cables. Gold/Nickel Alloy vs Nickel is a no brainer as both have the same quality they just look nice and you're still going onto copper. 2m is too short really to worry about interference and most legal PSU's now have plenty of EMI shielding to prevent them messing with your cables.
Thanks everyone. I wish I could choose more than one 'Best Answer' by the way.
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