Are fanless GPUs good?

    Thinking about buying the Sapphire RADEON HD 4670 Ultimate Edition. It is fanless but not sure if that is good to get? I would like it because it is silent. Any opinions?


    depends on usage, if your going to be playing games i highly suggest getting active cooling.

    fanless GPU's usually have massive copper/metal heatsinks and can be big plus dependant on your case can possibly overheat!

    GPU's with fans really are good, they only spin up when under load and usually are silent anyway

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    Thanks guys....would not really be for gaming. Have a ps3 for those needs. Its just quiet im looking for to be honest! No idea if it will be good enough for HD content though


    No idea if it will be good enough for HD content though

    I have the 4670 Ultimate (running with an Intel Q6600) and it's absolutely fine with HD.
    As long as your case has good cooling you should be fine.
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