Are foot spa's worth buying ?

Posted 4th Aug 2015
I was thinking about getting one as a present for someone but all the reviews are so hit and miss! Are there any decent ones???
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no they are not
All total rubbish which are why they end up at charity shops or boot sales. Probably better buying some nice foot soak and a new sink bowl to soak the feet in. Must be one of the most hated presents people ever get!!
Awful. Used mine once - such a faff and a space consumer that I gave it away.
I agree only used my once or twice no difference from putting your feet in a bowl of water really. Waste of money.
not really
I used to use mine regular when I worked on the sites years and years ago. Was nice to come home, stick it on and relax in front of the TV with some tinnies.

But as stated above, not much difference to sticking your feet in some bubble bath and water in a washing up bowl on the floor.

If you can get one for a fiver or something then give it a go, the jets on them are quite nice, but do not go spending silly money on them as most people never use them.
Probably not. Every single stall at the car boot sale has one. Every single one. And none of them ever sell.
Urgh, I would never buy something like this at a car boot sale. I bought the elle mcpherson one at argos near xmas, I've probably used it about 10 times, only because I cant be bothered messing with it. I used it this morning and discovered the bubbles no longer work, so I'd go with what everyone else says and use a bowl.
Ahhh! the foot spa a staple of the great british charity shop and boot sale.
A second hand foot spa that somebody else's cheesy yellow toes have been soaking in, can't imagine why they wouldn't sell well at a car boot sale.
Ha! I might see if there's any unopened ones on ebay for a tenna, doesn't sound like its worth spending 30 quid upwards on one's with fancy things on them
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