Are iphones compatible with the vodafone network?

Found 16th May 2010
I don't know much about mobiles so apologies if this is an obviously stupid question. But is it possible to buy iphones which are compatible with the vodafone network?

It's my husbands birthday in a couple of weeks and to stop him breaking into a sweat whenever he is more than 5 minutes away from an internet connection I'd thought I'd get him an iphone.

His current work mobile is on the vodafone network. So rather than carrying two mobiles about, I wondered if it's possible to switch his vodafone SIM card into an iphone. Or can you only use iphones on the O2 network?

Any advice or help gratefully received.

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Yes Vodafone offer iphones on their network, although I am unsure if you can buy them unlocked direct from Vodafone. But a factory unlocked iphone will work on Voda network no problem. The new iphone should be out by then end of June mind you.
Thanks Jeds. Well that's good to know :-)

Another stupid question, but where does one buy unlocked iphones? I've only ever used a mobile network high street store to buy a mobile.
You will have to ask around your local high street so see who offers them. Any mobile phone shop will have them on Pay and Go or look online

EDIT: You will be looking at around £350
If his current phone is not an iphone (presume its not) then he will need an iphone sim for the internet and full functionalitity of the iphone,so he will still have to have two phones.The iphone pay as you go sims have 12 months internet included because of how iphones work
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