Are magnetic USB cables (for charging) dangerous?

Found 29th Apr

I want to get a magnetic USB cable and adaptor to make it easier plugging my phone in to charge it, for example, NetDot, WSKEN, etc.

I was about to buy one when I noticed a review saying that if the contacts mis-align it can cause a fire. I don't want a fire hazard, but is there even any merit to this or is the reviewer mistaken? Anyone have experience with these adaptors?
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if you read a review on a anker usb cable your find one guy saying something about fire hazard, there all made in china not equal but yeah, I used them are quite cool
Pretty sure that as long as you keep the connectors clean then you should be alright. My cables have an two colour LED on them to indicate if they have been connected properly. Most fire hazard problems with charge cables is because people tend to believe it's ok to fold electric cables. This breaks the conductors inside and increases resistance and ups heat and then shorts/arcs/catches fire.

Only real way to prevent this is to install a week safety break wire inside the cable that will kill the cable if it's broken by coiling it wrong.
We use them on kids phones and tablets to save the ports. For that reason they are good but not really any benefit for sensible people
If the magnetic part is forced to the side, it can short the power adapter... decent ones should be protected against that.
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