Are Microsoft office apps available individually?

    Okay, so that's worded really badly.

    Basically, I've just checked out Microsoft Office 10 on software4students and £40 is a steal.

    However, I'm happy with my 07 version of word and PP ect.

    I really wanna get my hands on one-note though. I feel it's brilliant for Uni notes.

    Therefore, Is that software available individually? And legally?

    Any help is much appreciated.


    These guys had the 2007 OneNote for £19 - cant see the 2010 version as yet.

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    That's a great help thank you. Do you think they'll be any/alot of difference between the 07/10 versions?

    If Office 10 is the Professional version then it is normally about £400.

    If you can get it for £40 then grab it with both hands.

    You never know if you are going to need it in the next few years.


    Thanks to you'll never need it

    Except OpenOffice is a hideously buggy pile o' ****.



    Except OpenOffice is a hideously buggy pile o' ****.

    2010 office is buggy too (I know its beta but bugs are hideous)

    outlook forever puts all my emails in the junk email folder even when making the senders domain acceptable. Even when I turn off the junk filter completely, most of my emails go into the junk folder

    Office 2010 is not beta....and hasn't been for some months

    No problems with outlook here (except trying to find the old menus) but then I'm running off exchange.

    Ive always found that if you load a new version of office there is an option to load over the older version or to keep it and load the newer version as a separate programme.. I have office 2000 and office 2007 on my PC

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    Thanks for all the comments but I am somewhat confused.

    What am I using?

    Does google have a free equivalent?

    And I may look into upgrading for £40. I just want the disk version, I hate only downloading sortware.

    Worries me.

    Thanks again guys!

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    Still a little confused...
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