Are NewEgg UK reliable/trustworthy?

Found 27th Nov 2014
Looking to purchase a monitor from them and just seems very cheap with poor customer reviews on website rating sites. How is this site?
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Can't understand why you are asking, when the info is there on the reviews, which you have seen...........
What's bad about them?
Newegg are a big company, the US equivalent of ebuyer or scan. I don't think they have a UK operation though so you're either talking about their international shipping service or there's a scam site pretending to be a UK shop with the same name.

If it's the former then are you looking at the checkout prices? Normal US practice is that the standard listing is shown without tax so once you add tax, import duty and international shipping then expect the price to rise at least 25-30%.

If it's the latter then it's obviously dodgy.
Newegg are very reputable and the UK site is genuine. Newegg are probably the biggest specialist retailer of computer hardware. But I think with the UK site its shipped from the US so subject to import duty and VAT.
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