Are Nike still delivering?

Posted 4th Apr
Ordered some trainers on the 27th of last month and they still haven’t been shipped. I get there might be a delay at this time but over a week before even shipping seems excessive, unless they aren’t actually sending stuff out at the minute?
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Me too. Can’t see anything on the website re delivery times and I paid via PayPal and that’s not been taken yet. Guess it’s just a wait and see
Me waiting for some trainers I ordered.
Yes, they are def still shipping. Ordered trainers on the 24th and they arrived yesterday.
I ordered items from their website on the 28th mar and got my delivery on Thursday...maybe it all depends on the warehouse it’s shipped can still contact them through the app...I would maybe chase it up...same thing has happened to me with another delivery...ordered last weekend...confirmed order...took payment but no response since then on how long delivery will be...ended up emailing them it’s just a waiting game for a response!
I ordered some on the 28th and I remember when I was checking out it said delivery by 10th April. So will definitely come, just maybe need to wait a little longer
What did they say when you asked them?
They are yes but bare with them. I ordered 25th of March and one item is coming today
It is nothing to do with Nike. All online shops use the same bunch of delivery services; they are all dealing with a huge backlog due to staff shortages and higher volumes from home bound shoppers.
40289682-qYpzS.jpgNike delayed one of my orders but I did get an email letting me know so it isn’t necessarily down to the couriers but either way, it’s to be expected at a time like this. Hope your parcel arrives soon
placed an order, estimated delivery is 9th April. I noticed the payment was pending when I placed the order but it hasn’t been taken yet and has gone back into available balance. Don’t mind the wait just hope it doesn’t get cancelled
Ah glad it’s not just me was getting concerned, I ordered a few bits but none of the trainers have been dispatched, I also ordered 2 backpacks which arrived in 2 separate boxes a few days ago
Ordered on the 1st & dispatch email received today. I’m impatient and called them up yesterday though lol. Nike usually dispatch next day but they did say that covid was affecting things
Crazy tho, I ordered a pair of nite joggers from Adidas yesterday i kid you not I’ve already got them this morning via parcel-force. Nike must be having staffing issues
Placed an order about two weeks ago and received half of it this week. Had an email stating that this was to happen and an alert on the day of delivery with a one hour time window. Expect second part of the delivery in a few days
Literally just received an email to say the rest of my order has been dispatched 😁
Just looked at my confirmation email again. I had missed it earlier but at the top in green is an estimated delivery date of 14 April. I ordered on 29 March.
Yes just slow
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