Are original Xbox pad buttons pressure sensitive?

Found 10th Aug 2010
Just wondering as got an adaptor on Ebay that lets me use a PS2 pad and I have to use quite a bit of force to get the buttons recognised on the games yet the pad works fine on my ps2, and on my pc with a usb to ps2 adaptor.
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Yes, all the buttons on the Xbox 1 control pad aside from back/start are pressure sensitive.

Ah, ok then just wondered as the shoulder buttons work fine on the ps2 pad but the 4 normal ones on front dont which is annoying for fighting games or beat em ups(which is the main thing I use) or old games like Sonic.
It's a while since I worked with an Xbox debug kit so I can't remember the various values but the face buttons did need a good push down to get the maximum value out of them which it sounds like your converter is needing to register the button.

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