are people just using offer of the day?

    it just seems a hell of a lot of deals at the minute are what have on their website, are people just using that as a way of getting a deal thread?


    Or is it the other way round? Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any submission times on the site you've linked to that I can see?


    I look at both and they are usually on offeroftheday before here.

    I then sit back and see who races to post it first. :giggle:

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    usually if you click on "items reduced today" in the morning, by the time i finish work in the evening their is loads on this site, and theirs a "last updated" in the top right corner.:)

    ~Not seen that site before

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    its always good to share good wedsites, what do you think to it kelly?

    ooooo my credit card is going to take a bashing lol
    never knew about this site i love HUKD thanks to the OP for pointing this out repped

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    ooops sorry ilovepink, didnt want u to spend to much:oops:

    It's a price scrapper site... so it would be kind of like saying are people just using Kelkoo to post deals... if Kelkoo works then yeah it should have the same offers as on HUKD

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    kelkoo works with one item that you punch in, eg. samsung 37, this has the days offers that have been reduced, so totally differant to kelkoo in that respect.


    its always good to share good wedsites, what do you think to it kelly?

    Nothing that caught my eye, but will take a look over the next few days. The idea seems good and its well presented to make for easy use


    and the search actually works, unlike here.
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