Are phone chargers from ebay any good?

    Is there anything different about them? Am I likely to kill my phones battery by over charging them?

    Just got myself a nice new Nexus one and my girlfriend a Wildfire, don't terribly want to be replacing them already!

    Cheers guys!


    I've bought Samsung/LG and Iphone cheap replacement ones from Ebay and I've never had a problem - been using them for over 12 months so far.

    I bought a car charger for an iphone and it works perfectly 12 months later

    A lot of them are usually of very cheap quality - But some are ok I suppose.

    Never had a problem - make sure you buy from someone with lots of feedback.

    I would steer clear because some chargers if not official can be very cheaply made and be a fire hazard, more likely that than doing damage to your phone

    I am probably over-cautious though

    I've noticed some of the cheap ones can be quite slow at charging, in comparison to official ones.

    I got a cheapo charger for my sat nav off eBay and it bricked it!
    I got a mobile phone charger for use in the car from eBay and it bricked the phone, a complete pain in the bum, Nokia did replace it (didn't tell them about the charger issue) but I would have concerns over another cheapo charger again.
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