Are pixmania ok to buy from if you have after sales issues??

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Found 5th Jan 2009
After getting really annoyed with pc world because they wont give me any deal on a 2 laptops i have found that pixmania are cheaper but what is it like to return anything after if there are faults or problems does anyone know. Pcworld at least have a store but they have made me mad now s i dont want to get it from them

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its the same company-did you know?
and they just courier back to them. I got mine from Dixons and no problems.

oh sorry if this isnt right...oops

pixmania are a sod to return too, they are not under UK law as they reside in france (i believe)

its better to buy from a UK company on large electrical items,

However check first if the mfcr would provide direct support otherwise keep away.
Ps they r also part of dsg.

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I have looked at dixons, currys and pcworld. Pcworld are the only ones who have them in locally. Dixons dont have them listed online and currys have sold out around. None have them in stock online for home delivery but the sales man who i spoke to seemed as if he would give me a good deal but they didnt have them in stock.
Are you saying that Pixmania are the smae company too then???
What happens then if you have any problems after you have bought from pixmania?

try ebuyer, for laptops, or misco, etc broaden the search to internet based ones, always a good deal going

if its 4 an Acer laptop. Then an xtended wrty is a good idea

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Well the only other places i seen them and someone on here mentioned them is laptops direct. Are they any good??
Oh and are acer that bad??

laptops direct are good company

acer are not too bad, but don't expect sony viao build quality, the build is cheaper looking and they do break more,

pixmanina are part of the pc world group (dsgi), they are the french version of pc world. You will not be able to return goods to them easily, they don't come under UK consumer law, and pc world will not touch their products

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Well laptops direct only have the 250gb version not the 160 which makes them £499 instead of £429 unfortunately. Are they easy to return to if i have problems?The only other laptop i might consider is a toshiba but a 16 or 17 " screen one similar to the Acer aspire 7730 im looking at.
There was other question i wanted to ask and your all being really good as i dont know a lot and want it to last a while. It is about Blu ray. I assume i will go for hd dvd drive as that is what i have discs for. It isnt going to be a problem in a bit is it. I will be able to get discs for it?

laptops direct.returns policy ]here

not worth the xtra 60quid
Dont rush to buy.
Acer are that bad and then some

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If you were to list these in order. First being the best in your opinion. What order would you put them in.
hp, acer, toshiba, dell, samsung
i havent mentioned any others because sony are out of price range and im not keen on having any other brands

sony viao
fujitsu siemens

sony viao's are the dogs balls of laptops ...... the very best but have a high price tag

go for either a dell or samsung, relatively cheap and reliable

based on value for £ i think toshiba then dell then samsung

this HP seems ok for the price…spx

look in vouchers section on here to make it cheaper

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Thank you, you have all been really kind and helpful. It is a mindfield and when your spending this amount of money you dont want a slaesperson in a shop just trying to sell the next item


Thank you, you have all been really kind and helpful. It is a mindfield … Thank you, you have all been really kind and helpful. It is a mindfield and when your spending this amount of money you dont want a slaesperson in a shop just trying to sell the next item

read reviews on which and other websites, even ask on here for opinions

people on here will always give an honest opinion based on their uses of the brands....

no salesperson can do that

good luck with your search

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:oops:I really liked the look of the acer so im not too happy today now
I may have to go shopping again to look at them before i decide if i do buy off the internet as i did like the look of the Acer
Is this any good
Toshiba L350-171…spx

they have it £10 cheaper in john lewis with a 2 yr warranty


bargain surfer;3953608

not worth the xtra 60quidDont rush to buy.Acer are that bad and then some

the current acer laptops are superb!

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well that just threw a spanner in the works, but all info is ok

Don't understand what peoples problems with Acer are. I bought an Aspire 5600 2 1/2 years ago - its on 24/7 and gets some serious use and I have never yet had a single problem with it! Used Acer laptops at work for years and never had as many problems as I have with Toshiba or HP.
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