are quidco going down the pan?

    ive had 7 lots of cashback move from paying this month to march. whats going on?

    you must be joking, they're making abit, thats what the business is about!!
    - dontdothatagain


    Hi, I have had alot like that lately I think everyone's feeling the pinch and cashback is the last of company's priorities.
    Quidco don't have any say in when merchants will pay out?
    Having the transaction declined is my biggest fear because they cant afford to pay out.

    Just means the company hasnt paid the affiliate, and quidco hasnt been paid :thumbsup:

    I went through Quidco for my car insurance at the end of May and it said it would be paid in October, then November, then December, then January. I chased it up a few times and it has finally been paid - hurrah!! It's not Quidco's fault, they wait to get the money from the companies and if it's a large amount, I think they hold on to it for as long as they possibly can.

    I've been waiting since last July for my cashback on some flowers I ordered via quidco and interflora, only 3.50 but is still money I'm owed. Also a vodaphone transaction for 90.00 for taking out a sim only deal with them but can't see either ever getting paid

    Been waiting for one from NPower (June) & another Dabs (July), getting ridiculous now.

    Have complained twice but got nowhere.

    Are their competitors any better?
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