Are retailers allowed to inflate a price before a sale

Posted 25th Nov
I have noticed quite a few BFDeals that have had their prices elevated a day or two before the sales. Is this just ethically wrong or is it against trading standards/laws to claim an item is discounted?
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Yes and no.

There is no rule any more about selling for a given price for a given length of time to then claim it as the previous price.

However instead it is a bunch of wishy-washy guidelines about being fair and not misleading.

For the most part what you describe would be misleading, but without examples cannot be concrete.
They do it all the time.
Yes 100% legal.

Numbnuts folks pay it too.
Until shoppers stop buying it, it will always happen. Same with tools which don't know difference between sale and clearance.
This has always went on, long before Black Friday, what’s scary is you have only just noticed...
Yeah but they need to use a foot pump or it’s cheating
Start with a silly RRP and anything up to it becomes legal to raise or lower.
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