Are saab 9-3 convertible cars reliable/expensive to repair??? do you own one? opinions wanted

    I am looking to buy a 99 plate 9-3 saab convertible soon but wanted to know abit more about them, are they reliable? are they expensive to maintain/repair. any help would be much appreciated, also any opinions if you own one or what you would reccommend that similar for about 4k
    Many thanks again in advance from my fellow hukd members


    I'd highly recommend looking at as it's a useful source for the type of information you're looking for.

    As far as I'm aware Saabs are generally reliable cars although the 9-3s of the age you've mentioned did have a problem where the rods connecting the aircon/fan controls to the device itself could break and the only way to resolve this is removing the entire dashboard which is pricey. I've no idea how commonly this occurs though.


    Try this link, choosing the 9-3 options on the forum. Lots to read here so take your time and go through as much as you can. Bear in mind that people who post are generally only those who have problems so this can give you a biased view of the car. You will find forums like this for all marques of car - all with problems.


    I've been a Saab driver since 1988 and wouldn't consider anything else. The last 3 (9000 and 2 x 9-5s have all been converted to run on lpg which they do fine). Find yourself a good independent technician rather than the main dealer and you will get better service and value.

    All the cars are turbo with good peformance but it is very easy to get upgrade kits fitted and increase the horses. Often this improves the mpg whilst giving you increased performance at the same time.
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