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Are sat navs supposed to be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket whilst in use?

Posted 28th Jun 2013
I've researched online, and some people say they are supposed to be plugged in when in use, so I'm confused at the moment.
Also are there any advantages/disadvantages to having it plugged in all the time (whilst in use)?

Sorry if the question is a bit dumb and/or obvious.

Thanks in advance
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i always have mine plugged in purely because i don't trust the battery life on much these days and i'd hate it to go off whilst driving
Only needs to plugged in if it needs charging just like any other rechargable device
Plug it in while driving as it keeps it charged up!
Mine is always plugged in but the Garmin power lead is also the traffic receiver which warns me of traffic problems and diverts me around the hold ups. This requires power.
Not sure about others but Tom Tom batteries are shocking. So yes, always keep it plugged in. It won't do much harm to a poorly performing battery anyway.
I think I now agree with kittyrache, Martini and aircanman. The reason I asked this question is because I bought a brand new 5" Mio sat nav with lifetime map updates for £50, it's great but the battery life only lasts an hour, so that's why I can't decide whether to return it or not? Whether I should just keep it (as it's a brilliant bargain otherwise) and just plug it into the cigarette lighter socket at all times?

By the way, thanks to everyone who's responded (so far), I would vote all of your comments up, but it only lets me choose one at a time. This 'Ask' voting system is annoying.
It obviously don't take much for you to be confused :-)

It obviously don't take much for you to be confused :-)

So you made a stupid comment on the other thread which I picked up on, and now you've resorted to this; on a six week old thread. How embarrassing.
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