Are smart parking limited legitimate

Found 20th Aug 2017
We went to a family 60th birthday lunch at a weatherspoons and a family member told us to park in the rear carpark next to aldi , which we did.After a week I recieved a letter from a company called smart parking limited wanting a £60 fine and if not payed in 14 days then it will be £100 is this company legitimate and should I pay or is there any way to get out of this
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Sounds like the carpark was monitored by ANPR cameras like my local Tesco. Sadly, ignorance of the fact that there were t&c's to using the carpark (usually a time limit for free parking) is no defense in law. You could try writing to them and explain that it was an innocent mistake, but you are most likely going to have to pay up and put it down to experience. If you want to appeal the link below may help.…822
It's not a fine, it's an invoice. Lots ignore, nothing ever comes of it although there is now a very very slim chance they might pursue you through small claims court but unlikely. I would gamble but obviously you could be the unlucky one.
You parked, you pay
Thanks all, looking like I will have to pay as I dont wont to risk more money as known my look I'll be the one getting took to court .
Wont be back to that weatherspoons again as too much hassle
Probably not an option but couldn't you speak to the family member who told you to park there and see if they will pay.
Sorry cant do that, it was their birthday but thanks all for the replies
Now paid , be careful in carparks theres a money racket going on
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