Are stainless steel cabinets ok for bathrooms?

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Our bathroom is small and so gets quite steamy ......would a stainless steel cabinet over the sink be suitable? Just having concern that ot will get rusty and start looking unpleasant quite quickly.

Thanks to those that responded.
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"Stainless steel is notable for its corrosion resistance, and it is widely used for food handling and cutlery among many other applications."…eel
I've had one in my garage for 10 years and no rust on it whatsoever
Stainless steel is a different mix of ingredients rather than just a surface coating like a chrome product so it won't start rusting as it ages.

It's unlikely to rust at all. It is possible in some specific circumstances but just being wet won't cause it to rust.
It won't rust but it will show water marks
Depends on the grade of the stainless steel, it's an alloy after all so it could be mixed with anything or have the smaller quantities or ratios certain elements. Should be ok if kept clean and mostly dry but don't leave metal items on it just to be safe. I've heard of galvanic corrosion but never did GCSE chemistry so can't help you on that…pdf
Put a coat of baby oil on it this will protect it ,I use this on my stainless steel in the garden and it works fine ther
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