Are Tesco clubcard vouchers transferable for hotels?

    Hi, does anyone know if the clubcard voucher deals are issued with printed names? can they be used by anyone?

    Reason for asking is becuase a mate of mine has few tesco clubcard vouchers which he agreed that my family can use over the kids summer holidays.
    Cant seem to find out on the tesco website if the deals are transferable in any name. I hear airmiles and some other offers can only be used by the person who exchanged the clubcard vouchers, is this the same for hotels?…%29

    looking for all the general hotels: marriot, hilton, novatel, purple hotels and similar.


    There are lots of posts about this subject on here, and answers, probably why you didn't get a response. They're supposedly no transferable. If he/she lends you their clubcard and you pay any balance in cash, who's to know you aren't them?? Saying that, they might ask for a credit card when you check in, most hotels do now. When you find the hotel you want to book call the reception, tell them you don't have a card and ask them how you would go about checking in. They might accept/you could suggest a cash deposit for any extras.

    I often transfer my clubcard points into airmiles and have on several occasions used other peoples vouchers. Even though it says you can't use them it seems to accept them when I enter them in at the checkout.

    I assume that hotel deals are ordered in the same way as transferring to airmiles so I can't see why you couldn't use your friends vouchers

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    thanks for the response guys, reps left:thumbsup:
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