Are the army tryin to advertise in Corrie?

    Does anyone else think that the army have just put a hidden messages in Corrie? The whole young lad thing and Liz saying that she was so pound of Jim. Or is it just me?


    Nah, i dont think so.
    Just a plot device to get rid of Gary Windass

    I thought there was a bit of subliminal messaging too!

    No, just you!

    Yeah, [COLOR="red"]J[/COLOR]ust y[COLOR="red"]O[/COLOR]u be[COLOR="red"]IN[/COLOR]g a [COLOR="red"]T[/COLOR]ad paranoid t[COLOR="red"]HE[/COLOR]y would not [COLOR="red"]A[/COLOR]ttempt such a ba[COLOR="red"]RMY[/COLOR] thing [COLOR="red"]NOW[/COLOR] would they


    Exactly what I was thinking. Lt L.T Smash
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