Are the Cheap Sofa Sets on eBay and Gumtree any good?

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Hey all,

Just wondering if these type of Sofas I keep seeing on eBay and Gumtree are actually decent for their relatively cheap price? I've seen similar couches in DFS etc almost identical to these so I'm curious to hear from others who probably know more!…404

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I would just say try before you buy
The first eBay listing (new Verona) shows being sold by company called Maymun Ltd in Grantham with contact name A Dad, after searching con companies House the trading name is registered but no details of accounts filed or officers name, however Companies House then flagged up a very similar company called Maymun 24 Ltd, which was incorporated by Abdool Dad, that company is no longer being traded after being voluntary strike off in 2015.
Looks like the same people under a different guise. just proceed with caution and show due diligence if paying via PayPal etc.
The second listing (Shannon sofa) I cannot find any details for which is a bit strange as they are supposed to be registered business seller.
personally I wouldn’t buy any sofa off gumtree or eBay as there is little recourse if you have a problem, and as the usual life expectancy is 8-10 years I would only buy via a reputable retailer
Cheap and eBay should tell you all you need to know.
i bought from ebay and it is not comfartable at all
my suggestion do not buy something you havent seen and tried it
Couldnt agree more, try before you buy is certainly the way to go.

If your family is going to use a sofa every day then its well worth knowing what comfort and quality you are getting for your money.
I just bought the sofas you're on about. I called up beforehand and asked if they had a showroom so I could check them out. Luckily they did, so I did manage to view them. They're nice, with huge armrests. Came with regular and mini pillows too. I bought mine off eBay too but mine for for £499.99. Message me if you do plan to buy them as I can send you the link to them.
No no no and no

I got one once it was the worse but if crap I ever purchased
Depends where I live and budget there is a John Lewis outlet and Laura Ashley but they are a trek. Sofa sofa were ok last time we used them as they were reasonable just expect to replace after 5 y
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