Are the small Acer PC's any good ?

    Considering getting a new PC, looking at the small Acer ones

    Any opinions on this one :…3GB

    Help appreciated and rep left


    i have acer laptop, acer netbooks for daughters and i have had no problems at all

    Distinctly old technology - E5200 dual core processor and Windows Vista. You can get better from Dell for that sort of money. Or hang around until after christmas and Comet will be selling this one for nearer £200 than £300.

    Quality wise, I have an aspire one A751 (4 months old) and an aspire m5201 desktop. (over a year old). and both have been good, not had any issues with them. Not moved to Win7 at all so cannot comment on driver support for that. but Vista and XP seem good.

    One BSOD (Blue screen of death) on the desktop and that was a beta nvidia driver I believe.
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