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    are there any american websites that deliver PC components to the UK?

    im looking to upgrade my pc (by buying a new graphics gard, a processor and a motherboard. now, if there were to be any american websites that sell these stuff but deliver to the uk, it will be great as it will be much cheaper right?

    so can u guys help me out?



    com agaan:?

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    ??? sorry what?



    ??? sorry what?

    yeaj i thought the sane tooo:?

    She's a bit drunk >[url]www.geek.com[/url] or something like that i think.


    oii speek for yslef, im no drunk nor no geek:-( i thinks

    I'm not sure of any outside of ebay - I did look into this when buying parts for my PC but decided the savings weren't enough to balance the downsides. Firstly the parts need to be delivered of course and the international shipping fees are a reasonable amount. You probably want to insure your components which means you're likely to be hit by customs (you may well be anyway) which immediately adds another 17.5% on. That limits the savings quite a bit.

    The killer for me though was warranty, many of the PC items I looked at didn't have international warranties which would mean sending them back to the US for any warranty repairs which would most likely destroy what was left of your saving. With books and similar that's not an issue but it's a bit of a gamble with PC components.



    sassie get lost. And shouldn't this be in deal requests? I don't know of … sassie get lost. And shouldn't this be in deal requests? I don't know of any sorry. I've looked before.

    no need for that.



    no need for that.

    dont wory bout it doc, after fndin the fountain i will wake still smilin and hydrated, tarzan will wake with aching muscles no matter which fountain he drinks from:giggle: night xx

    I think [url]www.provantage.com[/url] will - I know for sure that they supply xbox accessories to the UK.

    I'm not sure components will be that cheaper......
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