Are there any cheap Amazon Fire TV compatible games controllers?

Posted 10th Nov 2014
Fire TV - great! Much better than I expected and even better as I got it on the £49 offer.
BUT.... £34.99 for the game controller?!

This sounds like it might be a prime (pni) candidate for the cheap Chinese clone market, but so far I've found nothing, and I can't really justify that amount for the 2-3 hours of Sonic or whatever we might play a month.

Anyone else found anything?
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No, nor have I had any replies when ive asked the same question on two occasions. There is a mogo controller that I was looking at......or moga I think it is thats compatible but you're still paying 25 quid and for an extra tenner you may as well have the real deal. im holding out as surely companies will start bringing out aftermarket ones. let me know if you find one.
Thanks both - and thanks to ace101 for that thread - I didn't find that from a normal search earlier. I'll go and reply over there!
No suggestion of controller tho?????
SURELY something in Black Friday?!
Well, having read various sites which suggested that some bluetooth controllers might be Fire TV compatible, I can save y'all £14 and a 6 week wait and tell you that neither of these are...
ebay.co.uk/itm…500 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281454366743
Not exactly sure what to do with them now....
Ouya controller definitely works well.

Ouya controller definitely works well.

But can anyone find one for a sensible price?! I can't...
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